Dear reader.

We are now approaching the end of this season.


A little while ago Sjolund participated in the 50'th anniversary of the organisation of amateur choirs in Denmark called Kor72.

The choir sang two pieces of our own a long with the other choirs present, and then there were some songs the choirs had to perform together. It was a great event. And by the way Sjolund got a lot of hands clapping. We appreciate it. It's important to gather together and make culture in this period of time.

In Denmark we have what we call Grundlovsdag, which takes place at the 5'th of June every year. It's a day we remember when the single ruler of that time, the Danish King Frederik the Seventh gave back the power to the people, and demokracy was born in Denmark. The year was 1849. It's about the same thing in US at the 4'th of July, when they celebrate the constitution in America.

There has been a tradition in Denmark to celebrate this event in open parks, where different people could give a speech and share some of the thoughts that goes through ones mind when the word demokracy is mentioned. Many places in the world, they never heard of it.

Surrounding one of those speakers the choir will sing some of the traditional danish national- and folk songs. Some songs from the other Nothern countries. It will take place outside in a garden behind the church of Lyngby (look in our calendar for the event.)
This year we will have a very disguingished guest speaker, namely the former minister and chairman of The Danish Folketing, MP (S) Mogens Lykketoft. Here we meet one of the absolute former aces in danish politics. This author believes that he now serves a well deserved time off, but never the less also believes that he somehow and someways still are going very strong indeed.

The choir has delivered this kind of concert through many years in a row now. We like it very much. There is allways a good atmosphere and a little something to eat and drink.


Hopefully you'll be there


Take a look in our calendar (Koncertkalender) for upcoming events!

At the moment, we're looking for new singers, especially if you are singing bass voice, but others are welcome. We practice every tuesday in the Christ Church at 18, Enghave Plads, Copenhagen V. Come by, give it a try and see if our chemistry is right. Later you will have to pass an audition attended by the conductor and the Board of the choir. You sing a song of your own choice. You sing a song without knowing what it is. And then you will be tried on your voice and your hearing abilities.