Dear reader. Important message:

Until the end of March the choir has suspended all activities, including rehearsals, project work and eventually coming concerts. Keep yourself informed in our concert calendar.

The Prime Minister of Denmark and supreme authorities has recommended gatherings of less than 10 people, and furthermore the churches have been closed. Off course the choir will follow these directions, and hopefully our audience will come back and enjoy the project we have been working on for a couple of months now. Hopefully we see each other again on the other side of this crisis. Look a little lower and read the description of our current work.


The Sjoelund Chamber choir is working with the project of this spring: “War and Peace”, since this year, 2020 is the 75’Th anniversary of the liberation of Europe from the Second World War. It happened here in Denmark during the 4’Th and 5’Th of May 1945. The choir wishes to mark that event of history.

Denmark was fairly spared from the terrors of the war, in meaning of, that there were not any big destroying flight tasks, ruining houses, cities, and environment The government at the time found it wise to give the control of power to the German Wehrmacht. However, the king Christian X (10’Th) refused to surrender, and he showed his contempt by raising the royal Danish flag (Split flag with the National weapon) every day from Amalienborg castle. Furthermore, he took his white horse through the streets of Copenhagen as often as he could. Again to show his contempt and to give courage to the Danes. The Danish king became the symbol of the Danish resistance movement that grew in the near future.

The tasks and fights of the Danish resistance were extremely dangerous. Most of their jobs consisted in destroying the lines of convoy transportations, meaning mostly roads and railroads. In addition, with any luck some vehicles as well. The weapons and materiel used for the jobs came from flights and pilots from the Royal Air Force (RAF) in England. The planes dropped the things on secret places in agreement with resistance, and they disappeared fast again, unless they were discovered by German guards or had been revealed.

Behind all that was kind of a golden age of poets and musicians making their own kind of art. Many songs saw daylight in that period, and the texts were supposed to bring comfort and joy to the Danes, without the Germans could fully understand what it meant.

Among the songs we are presenting to you, we have a Danish poet and designer Poul Henningsen, who was a very active text writer during the war days, hence he wrote very dear songs for the Danes. We are presenting “Man binder os på mund og haand”, which means that you are spiritually bound on your hands and your mouth, not able to speak freely or to do anything by your own will. Bur inside the song is a hidden message for the Danes not to give up. It was composed in 1940, the year of occupation in Denmark. (April 9’Th). The choir delivers the song in a four-voice arrangement by Kaj Milter Jensen.

The rest of the program will be songs written during periods of war or peace, and off course inspired by events that are related to those topics. People are inspired by the time they live in, being good or bad. It’s always been like that.

With these words we celebrate the season of 2020, and we hope that we will see you to one of our announced concerts in our calendar (Koncertkalender).