Dear reader.

The new season has started, but our work keeps on being restricted by the Authorities. We have not yet received information about when to begin.

The work on a new repertoire for Easter in 2021 has already been planned and soon the singers will receive their working schedule.

We had a concert at the 28'th of March in the church of Helleruplund in Hellerup just outside Copenhagen. Unfortunately the concert is postponed again. We hope to get a new date for the concert maybe after the summer holidays or maybe it will be in 2022.

Easter is the most impotant event in Christianity, where the essential myth describing the cruzifiction, the killing and finally the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Composers all over the world has written something to describe these events in a number of productions. We have chosen a small bouquet, which we intend to serve our audience.

Ofcourse we hope that you'd like to come and listen and hopefully you'll enjoy our choices.

This past season of 2020, will be remembered as the year, where all kinds of limitations stroke hard. Including this choir, who have been forced to sort of hide from the world and ourselves. Like any other group alike us. It all began in China, and a short time later it was a choir from US. And the world was paralyzed.

We have tried to keep our spirits high and we have been practising in other places to keep a distance between each other and mind the restrictions given by the Authorities.

This season has started with virtual meetings on the Zoom platform and we have done a lot of nerding deep down in analyzing some of the music we are going to perform at a yet unknown date and time.

Despite it all we still have the nerve and spirit to go on and we believe that there's a time for us together with all of you on the other side of this pandemic era.

We sincerely hope to see you in '21!