Dear reader.

Christmas is upon us!

You might feel a little worried when you read this, but it is a fact that there are only a couple of months until it actually becomes Christmas, so you might as well get used to the idea. The choir is starting to work  on a new repertoire, so that you almost can feel the celebration and what it all means. In recent years Christmas has almost changed to what you might call the party for the children, but before it was more a celebration for the Messiah - the saviors birth.

All over the world composers have made their tribute to celebrate this exact time of year, and the choir will of course choose from some of the things the composers have made. Something you already know, and maybe also something quite new, that we haven't done before.

Keep track on our announcements in our concert calendar on the front page. The link is called Koncertkalender. If you go to one of our upcoming Christmas concerts, you can go home and feel that you just have to celebrate a little more.